Toyota Battery Test And Replacement Near Me Pigeon Forge TN

When it’s time for professional battery care, it’s time to head to our Rusty Wallace Toyota dealership in Pigeon Forge TN! Here at Rusty Wallace Toyota, we boast a dedicated, amenity-filled service center that can tackle the battery needs of drivers of all auto brands, not only those who own or lease a Toyota vehicle.

Does My Car Need A Battery Test?
Wondering how to tell if your used Toyota is due for a battery test? Signs that your car’s battery may be about to die, include:

A swollen battery case
Electrical issues
Being slow to start
The recent need for a jump start
Even if you’re not experiencing any of these issues, it’s recommended to get your car’s battery tested every five years, to avoid the stress and hassle that comes from a dead battery and the need for a tow.

Request Services Today
Our online service scheduling form means that our Pigeon Forge TN neighbors can easily book a battery appointment with our ASE and Toyota certified technicians, so feel free to request one now! Upon your arrival here at our auto dealer, you can relax in our customer lounge and connect to our WiFi with a complimentary coffee while our team members get to work.

We’ll go over the results of your car’s battery test, and should a new one be needed, we’ll introduce you to the genuine replacement options we carry that complement the trim model you drive, as well as any service specials that you can put to use.

Ensure your ride will start when prompted, team up with our Rusty Wallace Toyota dealership near Pigeon Forge TN today!


Today’s cars are virtually computers on wheels. Battery is the heart of the vehicle and supplies electricity to the complex computer and controllers. Keeping your battery in top shape and prolonging its life will help ensure it provides the zap to power your Toyota’s zip. Here are steps you can take to maximize your battery’s health.


1. Don’t overtax your battery

Avoid using power while the engine is off to ensure your battery maintains a full charge. Many after-market plug-in devices may continually tax your battery even when your car is not running.


2. Drive smarter

The vehicle charging system is maximized when the vehicle is decelerating and coasting. Leave room between you and the car you are following in city driving. Avoid abrupt stopping and accelerating. You may even save some gas too.


3. Regular maintenance

Battery performance can be impacted by corrosion, loose connections, dirt, grease buildup on the battery, and more. Many of these conditions can be prevented by routine battery inspections and maintenance. Early detection of potential issues saves you time and money.

There’s plenty to consider for keeping your battery in top shape, and we’re here to help. It is important to keep in mind that batteries come in different types, capacities, and sizes. Although the battery’s external appearances are similar, the internal construction and characteristics of the batteries are different. It is important to have the right battery in your vehicle. Get your battery inspected by trained Toyota technicians and identify any potential issues early!